October 6th -10th

Monday/ Tuesday:

  • Writer’s Notebook: Character Prompt
  • Craft Lesson: Character with The Catbird Seat by James Thurber
  • Character Swap: Character Sketches

Handouts & Notes: Character LessonThe Catbird Seat by James ThurberCharacter Lesson

Wednesday/ Thursday:

  • Writer’s Notebook: Setting Prompt
  • Craft Lesson: Setting with Eveline by James Joyce & Isla by Virgil Suarez

Handouts & Notes: The Fundamentals of settingEveline by James JoyceIsla by Virgil Suárez _ The Poetry FoundationCreative Writing II: Setting As Character


  • Writer’s Notebook: Conflict
  • Craft Lesson: Conflict
  • Reading: Harrison Bergeron Film Study

Handouts & Notes: The Basics of Story2