October 26th – 30th

Monday/ Tuesday:

  • Grammar Focus: The Opener Comma & Subordinate Clauses
  • Grammar Journal: Write a journal with at least five opener comma sentences.
  • Mini Lesson (Device of the Day)– Symbolism & Motif
  • Independent Reading & Reflection:  (assignments & details in the PowerPoint)

Handouts & Notes: Symbolism and Motif Day 7 Revised(if videos don’t play, click on the titles and it will go to youtube).

Wednesday/ Thursday:

  • No Warm Up
  • Persuasive Essay Writing (35% of your grade)
  • Independent Reading after your essay
  • Writer’s Notebooks due for a check!

Handouts & Notes: Persuasive Essay Rubric

Friday: (Note: Ms. Rolfe will be out at a conference on this day!)

  • Grammar Focus: Sentence Wringer – Is There a Verb
  • Grammar Journal: Write an entry on anything you want and circle all of the verbs!
  • Independent Reading Time & Reflection: Diction & Tone – Write down at least three to five words that reveal the tone of your book.

Handouts & Notes: Diction & Tone DayTone Diction and Syntax (1)