October 23rd- 26th


  • Grammar Focus: Where, Were & We’re
  • Device of the Day Mini Lesson: Symbolism & Motif (See ppt for notes)
  • Readings: Today is Costa Rica by Asaaf Gavron

Handouts & Notes: Symbolism & Motif, Today is Costa Rica


Tuesday/ Wednesday:

  • No Grammar!
  • Devices of the Day Mini Lesson: Diction & Syntax
  • Readings: The New Boy by Roddy Doyle

Handouts & Notes: Syntax & Diction DayNew Boy by Roddy Doyle Reader’s Theater Version

Thursday/ Friday:

  • Grammar Focus: The Interrupter Comma!
  • Devices of the Day Mini Lesson: Theme & Thematic Statements
  • Short Answer Quiz!

Handouts & Notes: 2017 Theme Day