October 20th – 24th


Tuesday/ Wednesday:

  • Revising Warm up: Antigone Scene 2 & 3 Quiz
  • Antigone Scene IV with guided reading questions (questions are for homework)
  • Persuasive Debate Activity

Handouts & Notes: Revising & Editing PretestAntigone Scene 4 Guided Reading QuestionsAntigone PlayPersuasive Debate Activity

Thursday/ Friday:

  • Warm Up: Revising Pre-Test
  • Writer’s Notebook Response with Robert Manwill Case
  • Antigone Scene V & Exodus with guided reading questions
  • Antigone Unit Test Review Game

Handouts & Notes:  Revising & Editing PretestAntigone Playantigone_guided_reading_scene_5Family members testify against Daniel EhrlickAntigone and Unit Test Study Guide