October 19th – 23rd


  • Grammar Quiz #1: Series Comma & They’re, There, & Their
  • Persuasive Journal: Make sure you have an article to respond to in class!
  • Mini Lesson (Device of the Day)– Conflict & Narrative Structure
  • Independent Reading & Reflection:  (assignments & details in the PowerPoint)

Handouts & Notes: Conflict & Narrative Structure Day 4

Handouts & Notes: N/A

Tuesday/ Wednesday:

  • Grammar Focus: Common Errors- To, Too, and Two
  • Grammar Journal: Use each kind of “to, two or too”
  • Mini Lesson (Device of the Day)– Figurative Language
  • Independent Reading & Reflection:  Figurative Language Reflection
  • Discussion Groups: You will meet with classmates who are also reading your books and discuss what you’ve read so far. Also, you will work together on a STAAR styled Prompt for your book.

Handouts & Notes: Lit Circles Day 5 Figurative Language

Thursday/ Friday:

  • Common Assessment: Revising & Editing & Literary Terms (Quiz Grade)
  • Persuasive Journal: No journal. Finalize your group’s STAAR styled prompt and hand in. (Quiz Grade)
  • Mini Lesson (Device of the Day)– No Mini Lesson!
  • Independent Reading & Reflection: Read!
  • Discussion Groups: Finish Prompts &  Print them! (Quiz Grades)

Handouts & Notes: Lit Circle Day 6