November 2nd – 6th

Monday/ Tuesday:

  • Grammar Focus: Sentence Wringer- Is there a Verb?
  • Grammar Journal: Write a journal and circle the verb
  • Whole Book Test! (Tuesday only for A Day)
  • Independent Reading Time & Reflection: Diction & Tone – Write down at least three to five words that reveal the tone of your book.

Handouts & Notes: Diction & Tone DayTone Diction and Syntax (1)

Wednesday/ Thursday:

  • Grammar Warm Up- Its & It’s
  • Mini Lesson & Reflection: Theme & Thematic Statements
  • Writer’s Notebooks due for a check!

Handouts & Notes: 


  • Grammar Focus: Compound Comma
  • Grammar Journal: Write an entry on anything you want and use at least three compound commas
  • Theme Mixtape Project & Device of the Day Test

Handouts & Notes: