February 29th – March 4th

Monday/ Tuesday:

  • A Long Way Gone Unit Test

Handouts & Notes: N/A

Wednesday/ Thursday:

  • MOY Review – Most Missed Revising & Editing Questions
  • STAAR Prep Day One: Are We Raising an Ungrateful Generation? & “Those Winter Sundays” Cross Over Activity

Handouts & Notes: STAAR Lesson OneUngrateful Cross Over Selections Winter Sundays and Ungrateful Generation mc and sa (2), Those Winter Sundays and Are We Raising an Ungrateful Generation multiple choicePITT & POCCA Sheets


  • MOY Review: Most Missed Reading Questions
  • STAAR Prep Day Two: “Trust” and 11 Minute Essay

Handouts & Notes: STAAR Lesson Two Trust Lesson, Trust Multiple Choice Answer Sheet, Trust Multiple ChoiceTrust