April 20th – April 24th


  • Today is Costa Rica

Handouts & Notes: Today is Costa Rica LessonToday is Costa RicaNotes and Questions on Today is Costa Rica by Assaf Gavron 


  • Funny in Farsi La Isla comparison

Handouts & Notes: Funny in Farsi Lesson

Wednesday/ Thursday:

  • Independent Book Project Day 1
    • SAT Vocabulary Warm Up
    • Mini Lesson on Point of View & Characterization
    • Independent Reading Time
    • Reflection on Point of View & Characterization

Handouts & Notes: Character Lesson


Friday/ Monday:

  • Independent Book Project Day 2
    • Vocab Quiz
    • Mini Lesson on Setting & Imagery
    • Independent Reading Time
    • Reflection on Setting & Imagery

Handouts & Notes: Setting & Imagery